Series 32 - Variant - Salem

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Living Dead Dolls - Series 32 - Black Cat Witch/Salem - Variant.

Released January, 2017

Date of Death:-

Chipboard Poem:-

Black cats and witches

Are staples of the season

Tricks or treats are given

with no rhyme or reason

Death Certificate:-

When the night has grown dark

And the full moon lights up the sky

Gather your spells and broomstick

For on this Halloween night we fly

The Series 32 Living Dead Dolls celebrate their favorite holiday with a tribute to Halloweens of yesteryear. 
With vintage style Halloween costumes based on 5 classic disguises: ­ 

Ghoul/Ernest Lee Rotten
Skeletal Butcher/Butcher Boop ­ 

Black Cat Witch/Salem ­ 
Demon Ghost/Ye Ole Wraith ­ 
Each wears an old­ school style outfit that harkens back to memories of a simpler, and perhaps more terrifying time.

Each Living Dead Doll features real cloth clothing and has 5 points of articulation. 
Dolls are individually interred in their own coffin and comes complete with personalised death certificate.