Series 30 Variant - Feejee Mermaid (AKA Eeriel)

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Living Dead Dolls - Series 30 Variant - Feejee Mermaid (AKA Eeriel)

Date of death: 11/14/1822

Chipboard Poem:-

Death Certificate:-

To be a mermaid princess was always Eeriel's wish 
Now she's cobbled together- part mammal, part fish 
From the FeeJee Islands, touring across the land 
Come view this atrocity through the fingers of your hand

Fun Facts:-

In the Series 30 promo poster there was a small description under each doll's name, FeeJee was 'The Captured Queen of The Sea.'
Loosely based on the famous hoax The Fiji Mermaid.
First doll to be topless.
Her final name is based on Ariel from The Little Mermaid.