• T2T Mystery Box

    £666.00 £66.60

    Teen2TwilightToys Mystery Box

    Unlimited boxes until stock runs out.

    1 random 'full sized' Living Dead Doll (RRP £49.99+)
    With a 1 in 13 chance of getting an Exclusive doll, One:12 collective, 6" Stylised Horror figure (RRP £29.99-£109.99+).
    1 random Living Dead Doll Head Knocker, Creepy Cuddler Plush or 4" Mini Figure (RRP £19.99-£29.99+)
    1 random Spooky or Horror Themed Pop! Vinyl or Dorbz figure (RRP £9.99-39.99+).
    A Cards Against Humanity UK mini pack (a great little CAH add-on pack or on the move mini game) (RRP £14.99)
    Whatever else I can find in my store room just to fill your box and may also contain other random merchandise such as...
    ...pins, stickers, post cards, pens, pencils etc (no RRP but pretty cool to have anyway and can be listed for £9.99-£99.99 on eBay and Amazon, lol)

    Every one loves surprises and no two mystery boxes will be the same.