• Living Dead Dolls - Series 35 - Galeras

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    Living Dead Dolls - Series 35 - Galeras

    Released: 13th September, 2018.

    Date of Death:

    No death date

    Cause of Death:
    not dead/dormant

    Chipboard Poem:-

    Galeras is made of pure unholy fire
    Her only purpose is to raise the flames higher
    Not happy with simply watching all of you burn
    But rather feeling your bones to ashes they turn.

    Death Certificate:-

    No death date
    As she only lies dormant
    A changing of the seasons?
    Or everlasting torment

    Fun Facts:

    Her name comes from a volcano located in Columbia.

    This year (2018), the Living Dead Dolls are celebrating 20 Years of Terror…and to commemorate this momentous occasion we're creating a little mystery.

    The 20th Anniversary Series set contains five dolls, BUT the fifth doll is a mystery and comes in a closed-coffin box--hidden from prying eyes! This fifth doll will be one of five different possible dolls, not variants but five completely unique dolls!

    These five dolls are going to be rare, so collect the whole set if you dare!

    Each set contains:
    Candy Rotten
    One of Five 20th Anniversary Mystery Dolls
    Open the black-lidded coffin to behold the horror waiting in the darkness.

    Standing 10” tall, each Living Dead Doll features real cloth clothing and five points of articulation, and is packed in their own coffin with a personalized death certificate.