• Living Dead Dolls - Christmas Exclusive - Krampus - White Close-Up variant


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    Living Dead Dolls - German Exclusive Krampus Dolls - White Close-Up variant.

    Manufacturer: Mezco 
    For the past 10 years, Close Up has brought the cuddlycreepy Living Dead Dolls from U.S. manufacturers MEZCO Toys to their fans in Germany. 
    We celebrate this event with the release of an exclusive German Close Up / MEZCO Living Dead Dolls Figure: The Krampus. 
    The Krampus is a mythical figure in the Alpine region which is very similar to the usual descriptions of the devil (horns, fur, hooves). In the company of St. Nicholas he examines the children on the advent season. 
    The good children are rewarded by Nicholas, the evil will be punished by Krampus. 
    While Knecht Rupprecht, in some regions of the function of the Krampus replaced or supplemented, always occurs only individually, the Krampus usually appears in groups. 
    Accordingly, there are three variants of the figure: The classic Krampus with black fur and bright bone mask, a version with black fur and red mask and one with white fur and bright bone mask.