T2T Mystery Box

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Teen2TwilightToys Hallowe'en, 2018 Mystery Box

Limited to just 50 boxes and for 1 week only until Wednesday 31 October. Order before Friday 26th to help ensure they arrive in time for your Samhain celebrations

1 random 'full sized' Living Dead Doll (RRP £49.99+) with a 1 in 10 chance of getting an Exclusive doll (RRP £69.99+).
1 random Pop! Vinyl, Dorbz or Mini Living Dead Doll (RRP £9.99-39.99).
A Cards Against Humanity UK mini pack (a great little CAH add-on pack or on the move mini game) (RRP £14.99)
May also contain other random merchandise such as...
...pins, stickers, post cards, pens, pencils etc (no RRP but pretty cool to have anyway and can be listed for £9.99-£99.99 on eBay and Amazon, lol)

Every one loves surprises and no two mystery boxes will be the same.