• Dr. Dedwin and Nurse Necro.

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    Living Dead Dolls Exclusives Dr. Dedwin and Nurse Necro.

    Date of Death: 10/23/1993

    Chipboard Poem:-

    With needle and scalpel
    They want to penetrate.
    Their only diagnosis
    Is to slowly amputate.

    Death Certificate:-

    Always in trouble for playing their game,
    Doctor, nurse and the devil to blame.
    Now that they are dead it is no longer a sin,
    For down here in hell the doctor is in.

    Fun Facts:-

    Dr. Dedwin and Nurse Necro was a Diamond Previews exclusive 2-pack.
    Dr. Dedwin was mentioned in Vanity's Death Certificate.
    Nurse Necro is the second to wear thigh highs, the other is Gretel.